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In partnership with the Spokes team of coaches, nutritionists and specialist coaching experts, we are delighted to offer our customers a special rate for personalised coaching for cyclists, triathletes and athletes of endurance sports of all levels. 

A Spokes coach will work with you to create a personalised coaching programme and support you to meet your goals. Be that, improving your fitness, completing a long day ride or reaching the summit on one of our Signature Challenge Events, your Spokes coach will help you achieve this.

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Spokes Dynamic £35 per month (rrp £55 per month) for the first three months


This continuous programme of monthly personalised training is designed by a Spokes Coach to meet your specific personal training needs and goals, based on your current ability and availability/capability to train.


Sign up today, using the code TYCO60 to save £60 over the first three months. 

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Spokes Performance £100 per month (rrp £150 per month) for the first three months

A totally holistic personalised coaching programme with ongoing coach led support. Nothing is limited; get as much coach contact as you want, as many real-time plan adjustments as needed; coaching for everyone and every event is catered for.

Sign up today, *using the code TYCO150 to save £150 over the first three months. 

And don't forget the Spokes guarantee: No minimum commitment, no hidden fees, no extras, no risk, just world class coaching at an affordable price.