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Cycling in Tenerife

Enjoy cycling in one of the best locations for year round riding with great weather, dramatic scenery and of course the chance to cycle up a volcano, known locally as 'El Tiede'.

Mount Tiede forms the centrepiece for cycling holidays in Tenerife and provides the opportunity for you to test your own limits both physically and mentally with a constant ascent of 40 kilometers, where you reach the cable car at 2,300 meters above sea level

Recommended Routes

Northern ascent Mount Teide from Puerto de la Cruz. Your ride guide will lead the group on a ride where you will have the opportunity to cycle through the changing conditions as you ascend the magnificent Mount Tiede. On the route to the top, you will pass through small villages, forest areas and beautiful viewpoints, where there will be lots of opportunities to take photos and to enjoy the view of Puerto de la Cruz, the bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The final 11 kilometers will take you through the Teide national park, with the landscape now shifting to be more raw, appearing more like the surface of the Moon, a really amazing and breathtaking view

Climb to Masca village. From your hotel,  ride towards the small northern harbour town of Buenavista. From here you turn south and into the countryside, where you will start a 12 km ascent before reach the village of Masca, which is well hidden in a beautiful gorge and home to around 90 inhabitants.


As your ride continues, you will be challenged by 4 km of incredibly beautiful, but demanding climbs with a lots of twist and turns with an average of approximately 11% incline.

Anaga Forest route. This route is on the northern side of the island and follows the climb towards the Anaga forest, a beautiful national park, ending at Pico del Ingles, at 960m above sea level. On arrival you will be greeted by incredibly beautiful views of both the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Mount Teide. After taking in the magificent views, enjoy a delightful descent to the beautiful small town of Bajamar, which is located close to the sea, where coffee and cake can be enjoyed while enjoying breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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