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Christmas Thoughts

Christmas Lights

As I'm sat here tapping away at my keyboard, trying to finish off all my outstanding jobs in time to have a few days over Christmas, where I am not thinking about doing any work, everything seems a little bit unclear because life is always too busy to stop and re-focus on what is important.

Some will be spending Christmas in the traditional way we know in the UK, finishing up from work, last minute present shopping, buying and preparing food ahead of the big Christmas day family meal or carefully planning any journeys we'll need to take over the festive period to visit family and friends.

The world over and even much closer to home, many people will be spending their Christmas' in very different and personal ways. Some will be working, some will be with family, some will be giving up their time to help those in need at this time of year, whilst others will, sadly be alone.

Speaking with friends I know, who live in different places around the world, a few simple things seem to feature in most people's preferred Christmas plans. These are spending time with others, eating food together and being generous in our giving, whether, of gifts, or time or, as in many churches at this time of year, of self.

When I think of some of the times I really enjoy myself, be it on a bike ride with my best friend (often including coffee and cake), discovering new places to eat with friends and family, especially when travelling, or taking my wife out for a coffee, these three simple things always seem to feature strongly; giving up my own time to be with friends or family, enjoying great food.

I wonder, if this is why, all over the world, people look forward to the magic of Christmas; it has become acceptable to stop doing, and instead, just enjoy, being with others, cooking for or eating with others and giving to others, which, at some level, seems to bring us great joy

Taking a step away from the business of just doing things, to write this blog, has made me reflect on and realise what is really important to me and that reminds me why I set up my company, Tyco Travel. As well as providing high quality and excellent value cycling and hiking experiences, I wanted to give something back to the local companies and communities that host the experiences.

So, whilst thinking about how others will be spending Christmas, I hope that I can do something to help others experience a little bit of what makes Christmas so special for me. If you know anyone who will be alone, perhaps make time to go and visit them or invite them over or if any friends, colleagues or family are having to work over Christmas drop in with some mince pies and some chocolates.

Now, I am going to log off and spend a few days enjoying what is important to me and I hope important to others and I have just asked my friend, who I know has not been out on his bike for a while to join me on a cycle ride.

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