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our history

We started things off with a cycling club in Hertfordshire, England, helping others discover, or further, a passion for riding their bicycle. We think cycling is best done as a group and the club gives people the opportunity to get out and ride with other like-minded people.


We had always dreamed of running cycling holidays though, so we soon set about designing unforgettable cycling trips in breathtaking locations. The trips are to encourage you to discover beautiful new places and really see them, something you can do much better from a bike, taking in stunning scenery and spotting incredible things you would never achieve sitting in a car.


Us and our Tyco Cycling support team are here to guide you to achieve your cycling dreams. Whether that is simply completing a sociable weekly ride, exploring the Yorkshire Dales’ famous peaks, or riding sections of the Tour de France route, we want you to challenge yourselves and enjoy doing it. That is why we have created bespoke guided trips, so you can safely explore bucket list destinations without any hassle or worry, all you need to do is book and turn up. We do all the hard work for you, from the booking and organising to the route mapping - our cycling holidays are of the highest quality.


If you are not feeling fit enough just yet for a cycling trip, we can develop you a training plan to help set you on your way. Feel like your bike isn’t the right type for a road cycling tour? We can arrange a hire bike for you. We told you we had it all covered. And if you don’t want to join us on a trip just yet, you can simply become a member of our friendly cycling club, wherever you are based - you get lots of perks - check them out here. We’d love to have you along.


Any questions, just give us a shout.

Tim & Paul